Our Secret Sauce

Based between Belfast, London and in the near future - Sydney, Dawson Andrews is a leading provider of digital services, guiding c-level executives and multi-nationals as they navigate through the world of innovation.

The partners at Dawson & Andrews


Our partnership model allows us to plot a steady, considered course. We are inherently prudent and steady in a time of uncertainty. A trait which is imperative due to the nature of our business of ‘digital innovation’ which is prone to fads, changing trends and buzzwords.

Amongst the flurry of M&A activity within our industry we are committed to remain independent for our partners, staff and clients. As a matter of principle, an operational partner is involved in all projects the company undertakes and always remains available as the primary source of contact to our clients.

Our strategy is guided by a conviction that our success is dependant on providing individuals both internally (staff) and externally (clients) the highest possible level of investment and service. 

Global Reach

We are a small firm but a strong network can make the world a small place. We’re proud of our provenance from Belfast, Northern Ireland where we are committed to keeping our headquarters.

Through a satellite office in London and our Sydney office opening in August 2017 we welcome clients and partners from all continents. Technology removes borders, commerce is international and everyone last one of our staff has their ‘go bag’ awaiting the short notice flight.



Our Philosophy

Below is a look underneath the iceberg of the brand that is Dawson Andrews and the value system that continues to be the pillars upon which we grow our business.


Whilst we remain independent The Partners at Dawson Andrews do hold a private, special purpose investment vehicle from which they can pursue other business ventures. This can take the form of joint ventures, revenue shares, equity investments and finally the development of our own products built internally by Dawson Andrews.

Whether it is through risking our own capital, sitting on boards or advising founders we have developed sound business acumen. We speak the language of commerce, we understand the P&L and it is this background that enables us to deliver on our promise that all our work is positively accountable to a business case.

If you wish to discuss or learn more about our ventures please contact Andrew Fulton.

Dawson & Andrews 2017 perspective