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Dawson Andrews

an independent digital product firm

Monday 01 January 1900


Do One Thing Well

Our disciplines stop and end with the core components needed to scale revenues for a digital product or service; Product Strategy, Product Management, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Research, UX & UI Design, Engineering and Optimisation.


Drive Numbers

Our industry finds it difficult to prove the ROI of digital and it’s easy to shy away from results. Our focus on impacting a financial statement is so intrinsic to our model that we’ve incorporated into a refreshing approach to pricing based on value.


Commercial Nous

We pride ourselves on being the most commercially focused agency. We have overcome the industry stereotypes of creatives (hipsters), engineering (binary introverts) and digital strategists (waffly) to develop talent capable of navigating board level decisions.


Our Team

We should have probably written something about us being the greatest team or having the best culture on the planet…but we just couldn’t stomach it. Here’s hoping our work speaks for itself.

This is not a manifesto.

Read our "principles" that serve as practical instructions to guide day to day behaviour.

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Andrew Fulton Managing Director

As the early signs of the 4th industrial revolution begin to show, Andrew believes that digital strategy decisions made now could make or break some of the world’s most longstanding companies. Andrew sits in key positions with boards, company leaders and investors across Europe and North America having secured F500 contracts and successfully launching offices in Sydney and Berlin in 2017. His focus remains on building a company bespoke to the needs of the next digital giants and shaking up the digital agency model while he does so.

Peter Hawkins Director of Engineering

Formerly an architect and API specialist, Peter headed numerous engineering teams before joining Typecast as the senior lead developer. Peter moved with the company through their acquisition by Monotype Inc. where he remained for two years as a web applications specialist. Peter exited to form Alternate Labs in 2013, a software engineering consultancy before it merged into Dawson Andrews in 2016.

Cameron Stewart Director of Strategy

The maverick of the team. From breaking Y-Combinator records to launching international whiskey brands, Cameron is a trusted ear to some of the most influential names, families and boards around the world. Cameron spends his time travelling the world and exploring the future - occasionally he comes home and tells us what it looks like. Living in Manly, Sydney with his wife Katy, Cameron is heading the growth of Dawson Andrews in key strategic geographies across APAC.

Jordan Moore Director of Design

Frustrated by the web’s lack of reverence for type, Jordan alongside Chris Armstrong ( prototyped and conceived the early versions of the now typography giant Typecast. This focus, largely uncovered at the time, fuelled Jordan’s reputation for his contributions to the early responsive web movement which lead to his work with the BBC as a product lead.

Jennifer Winson Research & Communications

Jennifer leads up our research and reporting across Digital Banking & Insurance, Retail & eCommerce and Travel & Leisure. Using primarily qualitative research, Jen spends time with product leaders, regulators, research bodies, C-levels and numerous Think-Tanks to gather industry data from multiple sectors. Jen collates insights that we use to understand industry zeitgeists that may or may not influence digital strategies for our clients.

Peter Edgar Head of Growth

Peter has an extensive understanding of the design and growth of Innovation Ecosystems, not to mention a substantial network of influencers. Since becoming a DA team member, Peter has represented DA within the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of World Economic Forum.

Aaron Gilmore UI/UX Designer

In Spring 2017 Aaron Joined the DA team to help bolster the design team, having worked on specialised software for sports companies across the UK; Liverpool FC, Man City FC, West Ham United, Arsenal FC, Wimbledon, and Lord’s Cricket. Aaron began his career at DA at their headquarters in Belfast, but has since grown with the business and is now based in Berlin, Germany.

Chuck Neely Senior Front-end Engineer

Chuck worked in one of the UK’s leading design studios; Design by Front, heading up web application development services for O2, BBC, and CocaCola. Initially, at Typecast, Chuck moved to Monotype as a Senior Engineer where he successfully led a responsive rebuild of one of the largest Web Font Services in the world -

Colin Young Senior Full Stack Engineer

Colin’s aptitude for new languages and systems has made him the defect driving force behind developing our engineering capabilities. Colin spearheaded our original foray into Machine Learning, Vue.JS and React - all of which are now core competencies that have driven a significant proportion of our revenue growth. He is also responsible for the Dawson Andrews’ Machine Learning/AI programme through our Enterprise Chatbot solution.

Andrew McCormick Finance Specialist

Andrew’s background in mathematics, pure mathematics and engineering led him to be a Global Structured Finance Manager at DLL Group in Dublin where he later became a Credit Risk Analyst. Before joining Dawson Andrews, Andrew oversaw a review of 39-project Governance & Finance Arrangements and conducted a Risk Benefit Analysis for the NHS.


What does headquarters mean in a digital, borderless world?

Smack bang in the middle between Europe the closest European hub to North America with strong commercial and political ties with Europe.

We were lucky enough to come a small town that sits within a short flight of New York (6hr10min), London (1hr35min), Dublin (1hr45min with a heavy foot), Amsterdam (1hr35min), Paris (1hr45min).



17a Ormeau Avenue

We’re proud of our provenance from Belfast, Northern Ireland where we are committed to keeping our headquarters. Through our office in Sydney, we welcome clients and partners from all continents. Technology removes borders, commerce is international and every last one of our staff has their ‘go bag’ awaiting the short notice flight.

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WeWork Sydney

333 George Street Level 13
NSW 2000

With Australian e-commerce now firmly in Amazon’s sights, we opened an office in the heart of the CBD in Sydney to lend our hand at the digital transformations underway. The lure of 364.5 days of sunshine wasn’t an influence in the slightest. Find us on the WeWork balcony on George Street, scouting talent over pints around The Rocks or more likely, surfing at Manly Beach.

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× You?

At Dawson Andrews, you will craft successful product and digital experiences for the best companies and the most exciting startups. You will do this at a comfortable pace, in a homely environment and with people whom you revere for simply how enjoyable their company is.

We look to hire the following disciplines but ultimately they all get bundled under ‘Product’ here at Dawson Andrews. We’re tired of pigeon-holing people in sub-disciplines. We hire people for the way they think not necessarily their core skill set.


Forget what type of designer you are. Graphic, UI, UX...whatever. We prefer designers to be able to prototype and write their own front-end code when needed. Send us whatever you feel is appropriate. Portfolio, Dribbble, an article you’ve written.

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Front-end, Full Stack, Architect, Senior Engineer...whatever. If your thing is APIs, Rails, Sinatra or you like working with Machine Learning & AI then come have a yarn. At DA most of our current work is with React, Vue.Js and React Native.

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Product Manager

Part strategist, project manager, and client partner, Product Managers own the product creation and development life cycle, working with our team of award-winning designers and developers to define, create, and launch digital products.

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