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Monday 01 January 1900

Our biggest fear in scripting ‘company values’ is that they can too easily remain hypothetical aspirations, functioning solely for a copywriters ego. We were concerned that we might create philosophical, grandiose statements that could never be implemented or felt.

Instead, we’ve gone with a small list of principles that we know to be true today. These act as operating instructions that inform, inspire and instruct the day-to-day behaviours of everyone at Dawson Andrews. We have made them straight to the point and practical… no need to call Socrates himself to tell us what they mean.


Longevity is goal number one.

Exit Strategy - we don’t have one. The irony of a long term vision in this fast paced digital world isn't lost on us.


If you chase two rabbits you will catch none.

We build digital products and services. That’s all we’ll ever do. Our discipline to focus on one thing has served us pretty well thus far.

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We aren’t a team of ‘superstars’.

Our lauded work doesn’t come from creative genius or a digital eureka as observers have suggested but from a ruthless focus on doing the basics really well. Superstars look for unicorns and silver bullets but we feel our simple formula allows ordinary people to pull off extraordinary results.


Pace matters.

We talk a lot about constancy and consistency. Getting to concept fast and being efficient en route to prototype is a crucial element for our business. We have to deliver at pace and somehow be accurate. Behind a strong pace is a rhythm that allows us to have a sense of urgency yet never be rushed.


Profitability matters.

We care about running a profitable company. Everyone is responsible for contributing to the P&L and has visibility of the financial health of the company.

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Nothing here is someone else’s problem.


Figure It Out.


Why did we open an office in Sydney?

Growing faster than ever imagined, DA have landed in two new continents in 2017. The pace has been fast and DA show now signs of slowing in the new year.

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