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Dawson Andrews

an independent digital product firm

Monday 01 January 1900

What is it?

Any form of web or mobile user-experience is appropriate. Our job is to take the side of the customer or user and call out the flaws. We don't just trash talk though, we follow through and concept up solutions too.

  • a signup flow to paperless statements for online banking
  • a flight booking experience
  • the cancellation journey at a subscription service
  • a landing page
  • checkout flow or a conversion funnel
A preview of our recommendations coming out of a teardown A preview of our recommendations coming out of a teardown

Choose your teardown


48 Hour Blow Out

$5,000 USD

  • A 2 working day teardown

    2-4 hours on insights, data, research and discussing the problem with you.
    4-8 hours of teardown work identifying and analysing defects. i.e. tearing lumps out of your work.
    8-10 hours for a crank session to produce concepts and solutions you can actually use or A/B test

  • You collaborate with us (Optional)

    We will host your team at any of our 3 studios in Belfast, Berlin or Sydney and show you some good old fashioned Irish hospitality. This way you get in on the action and can work with us. Alternatively, you can join the whole session remotely.

  • Can’t Swing The 5 G’s?

    Either you’re [1] Scottish [2] a broke startup or [3] you’re a cooperate that has really stingy procurement but this amount is low enough either for your expense account or discretionary budget so don’t be a tight arse. Just kidding,

    In all seriousness, if you are at a company that needs a professional quote, purchase order or proposal we can whip one up. Particularly if you have custom requirements and aren’t impressed by our rather vague description of what the heck you’ll get at the end of it.



Sorta, but there's a catch

  • 1/2 Day TearDown

    This is a half day tear down followed by 2-3 concepts of solutions.

  • Cake+Gifts > Dolla $$$

    You pay us via getting us either [1] a cake made. We provide info of the 3 closest cake shops to each of our 3 studios and instructions of what to do. [2] pay us with some form of gift. It doesn’t have to expensive, just an acknowledgement.

  • No NDA.

  • We get to publish it if we wish

    The whole thing. The process, the conversations, debated and all the nasty stuff we said about it.

  • You Can’t Sit With Us

    You don’t get to observe the process, watch us in action or be involved once the teardown commences. If you can, we’ll still ask you to share some data or information but obviously, you won’t be as involved as in Option 1.

  • We want some PDA

    You have to write us the most descriptive quote possible.





Let's do this


No offence intended.

None of our antics are meant to cause offence to companies, users or the creative & digital folks that create and manage these experiences in the first place. We just aim to right some wrongs and create debate amongst the community we love, collectively rising standards (including our own). We learn a ton from these things.

Inside The Tear Down.

Don't be scared. We like each other really. Often we have to assure participants that all is fair in love and war. Our internal debates (for people who are meant to be on the same team) can be spikey. This is normal. We're usually just taking the side of your customers which you've likely not done in a while.


Do you ever do randomly suggested tear downs from strangers who are bitter or whiney about a public service?

Yep, occasionally we do teardowns that are not commissioned (or welcomed) by the company in question. They simply are drawn attention to by a moany complaint tweet about how much a particular web or mobile experience sucks OR simply the DA team come across something ourselves that we just think we can do better.

Will you ever open up your process and/or allow others to contribute to these teardowns?

Occasionally we do these live-streamed OR sometimes invite others to join in. We’ve partnered with freelancers, other agencies and on one-occasion opened it up to a community to hot-spot in real-time from all over the world and created an open debate.



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